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The Race family is the most exciting new addition to The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company range of shoes. The demand continues to grow from the owners, trainers and riders, as well as the farrier for steel horseshoes, which improve the performance of horses taking part in many different types of racing around the world. To improve performance, many horses are now being changed to Kerckhaert horseshoes.

The introduction of the finest dropped forged technology available to Kerckhaert, results in the new shoes found in the Steel Race program being far more advanced both in design and quality, than any shoes on the market today. The new shoes are not only beautifully finished, have crisp sharp edges for grip, but also have bevelled edges for that perfect fit. For these light shoes the quality of metal is extremely important. Kerckhaert's always insist that only the highest quality of steel is used. This makes the shoes easy to work and fit, gives better wear and is less likely to twist on the hoof. For improved performance, you can rely on The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company.

There is now a race plate offering unique features where other race plates fall short. The Kings Plate race assortment meets all your demands. Years of listening to farriers all over the world have created this ultimate multi-faced race plate. Extra nail holes provide options when they are needed most - a problem foot with limited nail placement. Now it is no longer a problem. The precisely shaped fronts and hinds mean that the shoe literally drops on.