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GluShu is a thoroughly tested 'no nail' Glue-On Horseshoe designed by an industrial engineer in partnership with a farrier who has extensive experience in dealing with damaged hooves. 
The cushioned metal base of the shoe is bonded to a flexible urathane cuff.

A cushioned inner rim on the foot surface of the GluShu provides comfort to a sore hoof, allowing the horse to be kept in work whilst protecting the hoof as it repairs and grows.
Once the hoof is trimmed the GluShu can be fitted easily and glued to the hoof capsule.
GluShu has many features that allow it to be easily modified to assist in the treatment of various hoof conditions. It allows access for on-going treatment to the outer hoof without the cuff having to be removed.
Using glue specifically designed for use with GluShu which sets in less than 3 minutes, the shoe can be applied safely to damaged feet holding secure for a normal 6 week shoeing interval. After which it can be removed without damage to the hoof wall. This will allow the horse to work in comfort without the need of going without shoes whilst the hoof is repairing.