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The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory has once again innovated the way we are shoeing our horses on a daily basis.


Kerckhaert ‘s copper coated Liberty Cu [patent pending] antimicrobial horseshoe nails offer far more protection than traditional horseshoe nails because they eliminate bacteria entering the hoof wall through the nail holes.


Unlike to what you might think the innovative Liberty Cu nails are not a luxury item only to be used by very special horses. Strong, sound hooves are equally important to all horses, including every normal riding horse that is used for recreational purposes.


Using Liberty Cu horseshoe nails is very simple!
The farrier does not have to change his habits at all.
They are exactly the same to use as a traditional nail.

Every time your farrier drives a nail into your horses hoof this creates a potential pathway for bacteria to enter deep into the hoof wall. This can lead to the breakdown of horn material. Kerckhaert are the first to deal with this once and for all, by effectively applying a special coating of antimicrobial copper (Cu) onto their top quality Liberty horseshoe nails.
This way infections just cannot develop and hooves remain strong, sound and healthy.

The copper surface works because it has the ability to rapidly kill bacteria, yeasts, viruses and moulds as soon as they come in contact with it. This has been scientifically proven and is very well documented. Until now most research has focused on benefits in healthcare settings but in 2015 The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory has come up with the perfect practical application in the equine field.

Liberty Cu [patent pending] antimicrobial horseshoe nails are another major step towards healthier hooves in the traditional world of farriery.

In the last decade the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory has truly liberated the way we are looking at horseshoe nails.
By introducing the superior Liberty horseshoe nails we already raised the standards, because we reinvented the way all traditional horseshoe nails are made. With new technological inventions and over 30 quality control checks during the production process Kerckhaert can guarantee a superior and consistent quality horseshoe nail that others can only dream about. With Liberty Cu [patent pending] we have once again gone outside the traditional box in a way that benefits the horses that we care about even more.


Kerckhaert are once again setting an innovative, new standard in hoof care.

KEY FEATURES LIBERTY Cu [patent pending]
Same superior quality as regular Liberty horseshoe nails: Extra smooth and sharp, superior bevels on all sides, for less damage to the inside of the hoof and less chipping on the outside
Offer far more protection than traditional horseshoe nails, because micro organisms are eliminated as soon as they come in contact with the Cu surface
Cu coating does not wear off inside the hoof wall and therefore Cu nails continue to protect for the entire shoeing cycle